Enjoying a True Texas Experience

I wasn’t born in Texas.  There I said it.  I’m hoping that my 27 years of living in this enormous and adventurous state would some how adopt me into the “Texan” status.  But if you’ve been here long enough, you’ll discover that Texans are extremely proud of their state and hold true to their loyalty of keeping things true Texan.  And allowing outsiders to come in and change things…well it doesn’t sit well.

But keeping things pure and true in this state is becoming a pretty big challenge, since it’s one of the tops states in the nation for jobs.  The cost of living is pretty decent too.  And people from all over are flocking to cash in on the oil boom and good economy.

But back to what’s “true” in Texas.

After my first trip to the Alamo, I discovered the “chains” were here as well.  Not that there’s anything wrong with chains.  But chain restaurants and chain entertainment venues tend to water down your experience.  Walking out of the Alamo, you can clearly see the “Ripley’s Believe it Or Not” attraction.  Don’t worry, if you miss it in San Antonio, you can catch it in eighteen other locations across the country and three in Canada.  I haven’t been to a Ripley’s in years and I’m not saying it isn’t fun.  But it’s not a true Texas experience.

My dad used to avoid “tourist trap” locations.  I had no idea what that meant as a child.  As an adult I can’t say I really avoid them.  Every major city I’ve visited, the first place I go to would be considered a “tourist trap.”  But I’m reaching a point in my life that I’m ready to move beyond the touristy things and see what is real about a location.

And since I’m in one of the top tourist destinations in the country…Texas…I’m on a mission to discover those places you can experience the True Texas.

If you want to start with the touristy things (and major chains) here’s my list to start with:

  1. Six Flags Over Texas  (Arlington, San Antonio)
  2. Sea World (San Antonio)
  3. The Alamo (San Antonio)
  4. San Antonio Riverwalk (San Antonio)
  5. Space Center Houston (Houston)
  6. The Stockyards (Ft. Worth)

Go ahead and get the above out of your system, just so you can say you’ve done them.  After that…check out the more unique Texas experiences around this great state.  Check out the calendar.